Buying bean-to-bar chocolate should be easy, but oftentimes it isn't


You can’t find them at the store when you’re doing your grocery shopping


It requires a little bit of extra effort to know what to choose


It needs some website-hopping to buy from different brands

We know it can be overwhelming and you don’t have enough time for that!

but you still want the delicious self-indulgent real fine dark chocolate

We made it easy with the Club Chokolate Subscription

4 signature craft chocolate bars
Month to month, right at your door.


How does the Club Chokolate suscription work?

  • 4 signature bean-to-bar chocolate bars every month. Cancel anytime
  • Luxurious chocolate exclusively curated for you by our FCCI trained expert and IICCT certified chocolate taster
  • Delivered to your door during the first week of the month


Each month you will get an extra gift to help you enjoy #TheGoodnessOfLife beyond chocolate.

Meet Ramón

He's Club Chokolate CEO & Co-Founder, also a full-time doctor specialized in endocrinology and passionate about bean-to-bar chocolate.

Ramón firmly believes that bean-to-bar chocolate benefits our health, and he has dedicated the last five years to spread the word about the positive impact of fine cacao in the world.

He was trained by the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCCI) in their first Cacao and Chocolate Grader Intensive course, as well as the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting (IICCT).

That’s why he carefully tasted every chocolate bar and created a curated selection that you'll receive during your subscription.

What our customers love about the subscription

This is what they say after enjoying four signature craft chocolate bars for some months

“Chocolate is without a doubt, one of life’s great pleasures. However, you probably don’t know chocolate the way you should.

I certainly didn’t know anything until I joined the Club Chokolate subscription.

Every month I receive a perfectly packed box, at my door. Inside the box come 3-4 bars that prove the club’s worth.

This is chocolate you will not find at any store, no matter how “gourmet” it may seem. You will experience chocolate the way it should be experienced. This is by far the very best monthly subscription there is"

César Rondón. Florida

“Thank you Club Chokolate!

After trying the subscription I can say there is a before and after in my life when it comes to chocolate.

The quality of each bar has is like no other.

These products are made by artisans with natural ingredients and are way better than the bars I can find in the supermarkets.

After trying craft chocolate I never bought chocolate anywhere else.

Also, your curated selection each month is spectacular! Highly recommended!”

Isabela Izquierdo. Florida

"Thank you for the first delivery last month. My husband, my son and I tasted all the delicious chocolates and our favorite was the Letterpress bar from Ecuador. Thanks a lot!”

Jacquie Pedroso. Florida

"The chocolates were a great success. Thank you!"

Seza A. Florida

100% quality guaranteed

If you don’t like the chocolates or you are not happy with your order, we will give you a full refund.

For $45.99/month only

Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite snack

Craft chocolates with delicate and complex flavors that will create sensory experience


What comes in the subscription box?
With every subscription box you will receive four (4) signature craft chocolate bars and one (1) extra gift. The chocolate bars and the extra gift vary each month, so you can discover new flavors you’d love, every time.

When will I receive my chocolates?
After subscribing, your first box with four (4) signature craft chocolate bars and one (1) extra gift will be shipped to you the following Monday and you will receive it at your door in two-three business days. After that, you will receive one box during the first week of the month, for as long as you want to remain subscribed.

I live in a hot/humid place. Will my chocolates be delivered in good condition?
We carefully pack all the chocolates to protect them from direct light and temperature changes, usually including ice packs and eco-friendly bubble wrap and that’s why we ship the packages on Mondays to prevent them from being store in a warehouse during the whole weekend. Make sure you pick up the package quickly after delivery, especially if you think it will stay outside. However, if your chocolates are bloomed (have white patches) just let us know here and we will send you new ones.

What if I don’t like the chocolates you’ve sent me?
We think once you taste bean-to-bar chocolates there’s no going back to regular chocolates. It’s going to be love at first bite. Nevertheless, if you don’t like the chocolates or you’re simply not happy with your order, we will happily give you a full refund. Let us know here.

I’m allergic / I’m lactose intolerant / I’m on a special diet. Will these chocolates work for me?
Yes. Most of the chocolate bars in our store are made with two or three ingredients (cacao beans, cacao butter and organic cane sugar). We do have chocolate bars with inclusions like nuts, or some bars that are dark-milk and include powder milk. If you have a special condition, please let us know here as soon as possible so we can send you the perfect chocolate bars just for you.

Will I receive the same chocolate bar twice?
Probably not. Our co-founder Ramón Martínez personally and carefully selects the bars that you will receive every month, making sure you can discover something new every time. If there’s a chocolate bar you loved and you wish to receive it again, just let us know here and we will make it happen.

How can I get in touch with you for a special request, another question, or feedback?
You can always send us an email here or chat through Whatsapp here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.